What's in a name?

By Shelley Hartman, Chief Executive Officer of Aegle Therapeutics

Our personal name helps identify us to our family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances.  Nicknames we choose to adopt in our later years reflect our personalities, and perhaps, our desire for independence from our given name.


Company names are equally as important as they often symbolize not only what a company does but also how it chooses to conduct business.


When we formed our company years ago, we thought long and hard about a name we felt would reflect the work we intended to do. We chose Aegle following many hours of contemplation and discussion. And we feel the name suits our mission and our ideals just perfectly.

Ever wonder where the name “Aegle” comes from?

Aegle is the name of several different figures in Greek mythology. Her name is said to have derived from "Αἴγλη" ("Aegle"), meaning "Brightness," or "Splendor," either from the beauty of the human body when in good health, or from the honor paid to the medical profession.

Quite simply, we chose the name Aegle to represent the intended outcome of our medicines (good health) in partnership with the medical professionals who work tirelessly to care for their patients.

Indeed, the effort to bring new medicines to individuals living with Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa requires strong partnership between patients and their families, the healthcare professionals and advocacy organizations who care for them, and life sciences (pharmaceutical) companies who work tirelessly to responsibly develop and commercialize these medicines so that patients may benefit. This partnership involves sharing ideas, conceptualizing what is possible, and thoughtfully holding each other accountable to deliver.

Our mission at Aegle is to bring together the cutting edge science of regenerative medicine with the body’s own ability to heal, resulting in greater healing and reduced pain for the EB and Burn communities. If our mission inspires you, join us. To hear more about our clinical trial, enrolling in early 2021, we welcome you to view our presentation about AGLE-102 (AGLE-102 | A Clinical Development Update). You may also contact us at EVTrial@aegletherapeutics.com.

Together with the EB community, we look forward to advancing new medicines for patients, and to affording good health to those living with severe dermatologic diseases. Here’s to good health and a fruitful partnership, for years to come.




Aegle Therapeutics is a Platinum Sponsor of the 2020 Virtual debra Care Conference (DCC). debra of America is grateful for their support and commitment to the EB Communty. Thank you, Aegle Therapeutics!

Click here to watch Aegle Therapeutics' 2020 Virtual DCC Webinar, "AGLE-102 | A Clinical Development Update and Q&A Session". You can also join the Aegle Therapeutics Group on EBconnect.org to chat directly with the Team, receive updates on their upcoming Phase 1/2a Clinical Trial, and more. 


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