Urgo Medical is a Bronze Sponsor of the 2020 Virtual debra Care Conference (DCC). debra of America is grateful for their support and commitment to the EB Community. Get to know Urgo Medical and their team in their Q&A below!  


1. Tell us about Urgo Medical and the company’s mission

As of September 2018, SteadMed Medical announced their merger with Urgo Medical, forming Urgo Medical North America. If you are unfamiliar with Urgo Medical, we are the medical division of Laboratories Urgo, and belong to the Urgo Group. With a large global presence, the Urgo Group develops innovative products that have proven their medical superiority through clinical studies that are available in more than 35 countries. We believe that when you know better, you can do better healing for your patients which is why we place patients at the heart, we care for caregivers, and lead with science in order to fulfill our mission of going beyond wound-healing. We strive to empower and equip healthcare professionals to make a difference in their patient’s lives by providing innovative, proven wound care solutions that minimize the pain and burden of wounds and help patients throughout the healing process. 


2. What products or services do you provide for the EB Community?  

We provide a lipido-colloid technology that has been proven effective for the management of EB wounds. By providing a moist environment favorable to the healing process, it does not stick to the wound and ensures an atraumatic and pain-free dressing changes. This technology is recommended by the International Consensus for Best Practice Guidelines of Skin and Wound Care in Epidermolysis Bullosa. The lipido-colloid technology comes in various formats such as the UrgoTul Contact Layer, UrgoTul Absorb otherwise known as Foam, Silver Contact layer and Silver Foam. 


3. What have you learned from working with the EB Community over the years? What do you look forward to in the years to come? 

Urgo Medical (global entity) has been a proud sponsor of DEBRA International for many years, and with the extension of Urgo Medical’s portfolio into the United States, Urgo Medical North America been able to develop a closer relationship with debra of America. We look forward to learning more about the community and how we can help provide wound care solutions to impact those that are in need. 


4. What are you most interested in on EBconnect.org

The opportunity the EBconnect.org platform offers patients, caregivers, clinicians, biotech companies, and bandage manufacturers to network and provide a safe space for education is groundbreaking. Giving the community a way to learn about all topics pertaining to EB, that would otherwise not be able to attend an in-person conference, will bring much value to patient care. Together, we can help raise awareness for this disease and continuously strive for better treatment options and be informed of the latest innovations in gene therapy. 


5. What message would you like to send to the EB Community?  

Krystal Price, Associate Brand Manager, has over 6 years of medical device experience and is the lead product specialist on the dressings applicable for EB wounds. Dr. Debashish Chakravarthy, VP of Medical Affairs, has over 30 years’ experience in the medical device field and has worked closely with projects involving those with EB in his career. Please feel free to reach out to either of them with questions pertaining the usage of the UrgoTul products. 


Thank you for your support, Urgo Medical! 

Click here to watch Urgo Medical’s 2020 Virtual DCC presentation to learn about UrgoTul, their unique restoring matrix for the management of EB wounds.  


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